31 Oct 2005

October 2005 Bureau meeting: a first report

The CIVL Bureau held its traditional – and mandatory – mid-term meeting in Pleguien, France, on 27th-29th October 2005. The minutes of this meeting will be available on this website as soon as they are finalized. Today, a preliminary report… BureauPleguien05All elected Bureau members - from left to right, Agust Gudmundsson, Scott Torkelsen, Stéphane Malbos, John Aldridge, Leonard Grigorescu, Flip Koetsier, Jim Zeiset – and Coordination Officer Paula Howitt (far left) were welcomed by our President of Honour, Olivier Burghelle, at his home. For 3 days, many subjects were studied in depth…

  • Reviews of the 2005 championships were done: - The championships: Governor Valadares (Paragliding Worlds in Brazil); Niska Bania (Paragliding Accuracy World in Serbia and Montenegro). - The test competitions: Florida (Hang gliding pre-World, Class 1 Women, 2 and 5, in USA); Kvarner and Istra (Hang gliding pre-Europeans in Croatia); Morzine (Paragliding pre-Europeans in France); Villeneuve (Aerobatic pre-Worlds in Switzerland).
  • Future competitions were discussed, Manilla (Paragliding pre-World in Australia); Big Spring (Hang gliding pre-World in Texas, USA); Trakai (Paragliding Accuracy pre-World in Lithuania)
  • Stewards and Jury members for the 2006 competitions were named.
  • 2008 Competitions to be awarded at the next Plenary were listed: - European Hang gliding championship - European Paragliding championship - European Accuracy Paragliding Championship - World Hang gliding championship Class 2, 5 and 1 (women) - Asian Oceania Paragliding Championship - Pan American Paragliding Championship - Hang gliding Aerobatic World championships - Paragliding Aerobatic World championships No bids have been received yet for any of these Championships.
  • Subcommittees, Working Groups and Technical Officers reports were studied. How to have everyone work more efficiently was discussed. Guidelines on how to run Subcommittees and Working Groups will be written. An Environment Working Group was created. It will be chaired by Thomas Senac (France).
  • Different specific proposals by NAC or Bureau members were also considered, on subjects as different as the IPPI Card, the Hang gliding and Paragliding Diploma, T-Shirts for officials, WPRS philosophy, competition format, CIVL Long Term Plan, bids procedure, Presidential travel, web site and public relations… Different documents will be updated (Section 7, Jury and Steward Handbook, Long Term Plan…) and other created (Guidelines for Awards Ceremony).
  • It was decided that no extra paid-manpower was needed.
  • CIVL President, Flip Koetsier, reported on the last October FAI General Conference.
  • Finally, the CIVL accounts were scrutinized and the next Plenary Agenda worked upon.