21 Jul 2018

Class 1 European and Class 5 World Hang Gliding Champions 2018

20th FAI European Hang gliding Class 1 and 8th FAI World Hang Gliding Class 5 Championships have come to an end and we congratulate the winners. 125 pilots from 26 nations competed in the sky of FYR Macedonia for these prestigious titles. The event ran for 14 days with 8 valid tasks, none of which was stopped. The organisers cared a lot to provide all the expertise to make competition flying long, various and challenging. The place though was familiar to the competitors due to test event and previous HG Words and Europeans held 2 years before here. So the task committee had a lot of contributors. The event was successful: not protests, and several incidents ended well to everyone's relief. Usually, we had a lot of pilots at Goal except for one zigzag tricky task which only 4 Class 1 pilots and 8 Class 5 could accomplish. For the first time in the history, the event was live-tracked by CIVL owned, set of Flymaster trackers that showed the excellent result of 100% functionality. The viewers could watch the race in 2d and 3d. 

We congratulate the champions: 

European Class 1
1 Alessandro Ploner ITA
2 Grant Crossingham GBR
3 Balazs Ujhelyi HUN

European Class 1 Nation
1. Italy
2. Czech
3. Great Britain

Wold Class 5 Individual
1 Wolfgang Kothgasser AUT 
2 Tim Grabowski GER 
3 Robert Bernat GER

World Class 5 Nation
1. Austria
2. Germany
3. Japan

Competition web site with all results: http://hgeu2018.mk/