14 Jun 2019

Bulletins No. 1 for CP, FS and AE and Bulletin 2 for SP, and corrected WF Competition Rules


It is all happening at once:  We have recently published here Bulletins No. 1 for the  10th World Cup in Canopy Piloting - Pretoria, South Africa 20-24 November 2019:  also for the 22nd Formation Skydiving World Cup and 13th Artistic Events World Cup, 7-12 October 2019 - Eloy, Arizona, USA.   Bulletin 2 for the 3rd European Speed Skydiving Championships and 4th World Cup of Speed Skydiving,  12-15 August 2019 - Dunkeswell, U.K, will be available from tomorrow.

Along with the above the Competition Rules for Wingsuit Flying has undergone its 'Final' correction and was republished on 13th June 2019.