25 Nov 2005

Building an environmental network

The CIVL bureau has just reactivated its Working Group for Environmental Affairs. Its Chairman, Thomas Senac, is looking for concerned people to build a dedicated network. 

Because environmental concerns are more and more important, Thomas Senac has accepted to lead this Working Group aiming to deal with environmental questions in our activity and to ensure the best possible cooperation between flying hang gliders, paraglider and nature conservation. 

"Our first aim is to work as a network (via mail), and to exchange about concerns, knowledge and experiences. So that we can get stronger and be more efficient. Hang gliding paragliding federations may have one person involved in Environmental questions and Nature conservation. My wish is that these federations will:

  • inform this person about this new CIVL working group
  • tell me who this person is
  • list the problems they have met in relation with environmental concerns and nature conservation and how they have dealt with them
  • indicate studies they know, experiences they have, best practices they are promoting in relation with nature conservation, landscape concerns and all other environmental matters."

Don’t hesitate to check the Working Group web pages at http://www.fai.org/hang_gliding/subcommittees/environment, and don't hesitate to contact Thomas Sénac.