05 Mar 2023

Andradas Brazil is to host PG XC Pan-American 2024

CIVL Plenary 2023 has awarded the 6th FAI Pan-American Paragliding Championship to be held in Andradas - Minas Gerais, Brazil. Take off Pico do Gaviao. The proposed dates are September 14-21, 2024. Test event - either end of September or middle of October 2023. The organizer club - Vetor Esportes - has great experience in paragliding events among which there are the Brazilian Open and Paragliding World cups of 2017 and 2019. Pico do Gavião has an official air space approved by the National Aeronautics. In all competitions held, this air space is also expanded. Tasks are allowed within a radius of 80 km from take-off. This entire immense area is inhabited, with prevailing agriculture, and the best road network in the country. Weather conditions are XC favourable. For example at the 2017 PWC Andradas in a seven-day competition, it was possible to perform triangular race-to-goal tasks alternating speed and technique skills. Achieving the result of  91,87 km per task on average.